Through your support, creating jobs for the blind

Do you have any blind or visually impaired people in your family? If so, then you have a pretty good idea of what these people and their families go through. One of the biggest challenges this group faces is supporting themselves and their families.

As you may or may not know, a job for a blind worker is not just a source of income - it's an opportunity for them to take pride in something they have created and build their self esteem.

All of the items available from US Disadvantaged Industries (USDI) are manufactured or packaged by the blind. These products are all common household items that most people buy anyways (like garbage bags, mops, brooms, etc.).

All we ask of you is that instead of purchasing these items at the local market, you buy them from the blind workers and, in the process, help create the jobs that the blind so desperately need.

Through our hard work and your kind support, together we can make a difference.